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Toyota Mirai

Discover the Toyota Mirari, the world’s first mass-produced car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Showcasing a viable alternative to plug-in hybrids, the Mirari’s hydrogen fuel cell lets you enjoy emission-free motoring without the range anxiety. The hydrogen tank offers a range of 342-miles, which is incredible, and it generates its own electricity, thus eliminating the need for any plug-in technology. Best of all, the Toyota Mirari compromises on nothing as a car. First class comfort and refinement ensure a pleasant drive, and the cabin offers a perceptible feeling of quality throughout with state-of-the-art technologies. The future of motoring has landed. Book your test drive today.

Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Features

Toyota Yaris - Hybrid

Hydrogen fuel cell

The Toyota Mirari is the world’s first mass-produced car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, backed by over 20 years of research. The hydrogen fuel cell generates its own electricity, which powers an electric motor.
Toyota Yaris - Infotainment

The future of hybrids

Hydrogen is the future of hybrids. In this application, the hydrogen fuel cell powers a unique electric motor. Rather than recharging the car as you would if it was electric, you top up the hydrogen at a fuel station instead.
Toyota Yaris - Rear-View Camera

Outstanding range

Because it generates its own electricity on the move, the Toyota Mirari offers a range of 342-miles, or a real-world range of 250-miles. That’s far superior to most electric cars and it’s class-leading for the segment.
Toyota Yaris - Rain-Sensing Wipers

Zero emission motoring

The Toyota Mirari emits zero CO2 emissions and zero NOx emissions. The only thing it emits from its tailpipe is water. That means no impact on the planet as you drive. You don’t get cleaner than that.

Toyota Mirai Interior

Toyota Yaris Toyota Yaris Toyota Yaris