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Get a 12-month warranty with every Service!



Say hello to a brand new warranty that lasts until your car is 10 years old. How does it work? Well, every time you bring your Toyota in to see our experts for a Service, we’ll give you 12 months’ warranty - every year as long as your car is under 10 years old and under 100,000 miles.*

Sounds good? Get in touch with your local Lindop Toyota centre to find out more, or book online now at

Terms and Conditions apply.*

Call our team in Queensferry now on 01244 821031 or Wrexham on 01978 720074 to request your Service

We appreciate that you may have some questions about Toyota Relax, so here are the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions...

What's covered in the warranty?

The Toyota Relax warranty offers the same cover as the manufacturer's warranty, and similarly does not cover wear and tear items. Visit to find the full terms and conditions or contact your local dealer.

Will I receive confirmation of cover after my service?

The Toyota Centre will advise if the vehicle is eligible for Toyota Relax (i.e. if the vehicle is less than 10 years / 100,000 miles). Upon completion of the service and activation of the warranty contract, if the Centre has the customer's contact details they will receive a confirmation email. Contact the local Centre for further advice.

What will happen to Toyota vehicles currently covered by a five year warranty?

If a customer ordered their new Toyota before 1st June 2021, the vehicle will be covered by a five year manufacturer's warranty. They can then enjoy the benefits of Toyota Relax when they bring the car in for a scheduled service within 12 months of the manufacturer's warranty expiring.

If a customer purchases a used car, when does the vehicle become eligible for Toyota Relax?

If the customer purchases a used car, the vehicle will be covered by a one year manufacturer's warranty. They can then enjoy the benefits of Toyota Relax when they bring the car in for its next service (approximately 12 months later).

What if the car has missed previous services?

If the vehicle has never been serviced in our network or has missed a scheduled service, the customer can still benefit from the service activated warranty, so long as the vehicle is less than 10 years or 100,000 miles.

Will the Toyota Relax warranty be transferrable from one owner to a new owner?

Yes, if the customer wants to sell their vehicle, the next owner will inherit the benefits of Toyota Relax and they can continue to extend the warranty by maintaining the vehicle at a Toyota Centre. The warranty cover is only valid for the serviced vehicle and cannot be transferred to another vehicle.

Do customers have a policy number or a card to say their car is in a relax warranty?

All active contracts will be available for the local dealer to access on a central Toyota system, so the customer won't receive a policy number or card to prove the warranty on their vehicle.

*Toyota Relax warranty is a 1 year service-activated warranty available on vehicles after the expiry of the original manufacturer’s warranty up to 10 years old / 100,000 miles when serviced at an official Toyota Centre. Terms and Conditions apply.