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Full Accident And Smart Repair


Exterior Smart Repairs

The efficient and cost effective repair of exterior damage to modern vehicles has entered a new era with the advent of Smart Repair Systems. Our Smart Repairs start from only £75 and can work out far cheaper than a full panel re-spray. Repairs, stone chips, minor scratches and scuffs on exterior paint such as panels, colour coded bumpers, wing mirrors and grilles can often be fitted in within a day, saving you time and money all round.

Each blemish is sprayed individually, then overspray is removed with a miniaturised mixing system accurately matches vehicle colour. We offer a high standard of repair that takes under one hour. We have a full range of metallics also available and can remove all dents often without having to repaint the panel.

Windscreen Repairs

Modern windscreens are made by laminating two sheets of glass together, with a thin plastic film in between. When the glass is hit by an object, it very often only causes a small crack. If this crack is treated straight away, it is possible to inject the crack with resin, which fixes the problem and saves you from replacing the whole windscreen. Call us NOW and let us inspect your windscreen FREE OF CHARGE.

Alloy Wheel Repairs

Alloy wheels can soon become scratched if rubbed along kerbstones, they are also susceptible to peeling and flaking caused by the action of road grime and salt. Let us overhaul your scruffy looking alloys, we will return them to your car in pristine condition, completely removing scratches and peeling lacquer, to leave a beautiful, clean lustre.

Saving You Money

Lindop Toyota could save you £££'s on cosmetic repairs.

Interior Trim & Fabric Repair

We use the latest technology to repair and recolour hard plastic, soft vinyl or leather trim. We also restore fabric and leather seating, dashboards, door panels and roof lining to almost new condition. We use the latest paint and material regraining products:

  • Supplied with 14 base colours
  • Accurate matching and formulation guide plus OEM matched colours
  • Damage is filled, regrained and then re-coloured
  • Cracked leather or vinyl can be restored to an excellent standard
  • Let Lindop Toyota Save You Money