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The Benefits of a Hybrid

Welcome to this weeks news article! This week we are dedicated to revealing the full benefits of the hybrid car and why you need one in your life.

Over the years, Toyota has paid particular attention to the innovation of hybrid vehicles and bringing this technology to its pinnacle. Toyota's hybrid system connects an electric motor with a petrol/diesel engine to create one of the world's most efficient vehicles. Here's how.

Best of both worlds

The petrol/diesel engine has many strengths. However, it is equipped with its fair share of weaknesses as are electric motors. Therefore, combining the two means efficiency, reliability and power.

A fuel engine is not very efficient when starting a car or while traveling at a low speed, as it cannot generate a high torque in the low rpm range, unlike an electric motor. Therefore all Toyota hybrids begin the journey, only using the electric motor for that smooth start.

As your speed increases, this is where the engine kicks in. The energy produced is to direct the wheels as well as distributing some power to the generator, which is used to feed the electric motors.

For full acceleration, a Toyota hybrid combines the strength of both motors to deliver a comparable power to cars that have one class larger engine.

Fewer emissions

As CO2 emissions continue to be a concern for environmentalists, hybrids are posing to be the popular way to combat this.

From Toyota hybrids alone, we have saved 34 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from polluting the air!

The hybrid car gives you the option to limit your CO2 emissions despite your size of car. This is demonstrated through our models, such as the Auris. The Auris is now available with CO2 emissions as low as 84g/km, making it the lowest of any family hatchback.

Cost effective

Finally, we conclude with a benefit that everyone will feel the effects of; saving your money.

As a hybrid car is part electric, the dependency for running your car is not solely on petrol or diesel, meaning the visit to the petrol station will naturally be less.

As fuel costs remain a worry for the majority of the public, an option that lowers the amount of times you will have to pay for petrol may present a real relief for many people.

So what are you waiting for, view our new car range of hybrids, here. Or view our used car range here. You are always welcome to come and visit one of our showrooms. For directions, click here.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and have found it a useful resource. For all the frequently asked questions about the Toyota hybrids, click here.

Signing off...

Don't forget, there's always a better way!

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